Hope and Redemption Battle Darkness in an Engaging Suspense – Thriller

In the first book of his new, geopolitically relevant suspense trilogy, Michael E. Nathanson unravels the acts and existence of an unknown terrorist organization long embedded in America.

An unexpected hero, a bright young Muslim engineer — an American patriot — assists the FBI in solving a terrible crime. A grieving father puts himself in harm’s way to help fight the evil that consumed his son.

Cries of the Eagle is rich with characters that bring to life an ancient and current conflict, as well as a clear evangelical message of hope and redemption in a darkened world. This riveting story brings forth a positive face and voice for good-willed people of all faiths.

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What reviewers are saying…

Grady H.

August 24, 2016

“…a ray of hope in what has become a world of fear…shines a light on a possible method of change…”

Susan K.

September 20, 2016

“A fascinating look into a secret Muslim world… Although fictional, it is easy to see it being true…”

Pam G.

September 26, 2016

“…speaks truths that should be heard by all… no matter their race, religion, or political background.”

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Michael E Nathanson on the Ron Van Dam Show on Boston’s WXBR

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Michael E Nathanson

About Michael E Nathanson

Coming from a family of writers, Michael Nathanson held a lifelong dream of one day weaving a good story that also points to hope and light in a darkened world. “Cries of the Eagle” is his first novel. He lives in Texas with his wife, Jan, and they joyfully serve together in the marriage ministry at their church.

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